Текст песни Robbie Williams - Forever Texas

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First you say you want me
Then you don't want me really
Baby do I scare you
Am I talkin' too freely
I got no perspective
On the things that you lack
Baby I don't care
Just lie on your back
Baby I'm crazy
But lady I'm lazy
Amaze me
Baby I'm fading
My mind's all jaded
Amaze me
I'm so superstitious
So there's something you should know
The reason I'm doing you is
'Cause your friend said 'no'
I've been suicidal since
God I don't know when
So get down on your knees
Say your prayers Amen
Baby I'm crazy
Lady I'm lazy
Amaze me
Baby I'm faded
My mind's all jaded
Give me Texas wisdom
Massive systems
And a luscious behind
Mother said 'Son if you do
it too long you'll go blind'
Baby I'm lazy
But lady I'm crazy
Amaze me
Baby I'm faded
My mind's all jaded
One, two
Everybody getting cash for the bung
Everybody wants to know how I'm hung
You can read it in the papers
I'm a giver not a taker
But it won't be the same
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