Текст песни Sarah McLachlan - Adia

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Adia I do believe I failed you.
Adia I know I’ve let you
Don’t you know I tried so hard to
love you in my way? It’s
easy let it go...

Adia I’m emp-ty since you left me,
Trying to find a way to car-ry on.
I search myself and ev-eryone to
see where we went wrong. There’s
no one left to fin-ger, there’s
no one here to blame; there’s
no one left to talk to, honey and there
ain’t no one to buy our innocence. ’Cause
we are born innocent.
Believe me Adia, we are still innocent. It’s
easy, we all fal-ter. And does it matter?

(Same as above)
Adia I thought that we could make it
but I know I can’t change the way you feel
I leave you with your misery
a friend who won’t betray
I pull you from your tower
I take away your pain
and show you all the beauty you possess
if you’d only let yourself believe that
we are born innocent.
Believe me Adia, we are still innocent
it’s easy, we all falter. And does it matter?


’cause we are born inno-cent. Believe me,
Adia we are still innocent.It’seasy, we all fal-ter ... but does it matter?

(same as above)

But does it matter?
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