Текст песни Steppenwolf - Justice Don't Be Slow

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I'm sorry to hear 'bout your problems
It came as a shock to us all
You know that we have always read
There's no way that you'd ever fall

Well, I grant you, it looks good on paper
But lately you've dropped out of sight
And we feel it's gone quite far enough
Don't you think that it's time now to light?

Justice, don't be slow
Everyone's here but you
You haven't got far to go

Now they make your life worth leaving
When they covered your face with their dung
Then they laughed while you lay floundering
Just hoping you'd swallow your tongue

Their hatchet men bungled your mansion
And throttled your sons in the night
Their foot soldiers pummeled your daughter
God dammit, your vengeance is right

Well, now that you've caught your tormentor
He still won't admit to his sin
He claims he was busily sleeping
While his henchmen were doing you in

But all of this high-ranking jesters
Have turned into sniveling louts
They're pleading for mercy and freedom
I say throw all those hooligans out
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