Текст песни Sum 41 - All Messed Up

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Another day wasted out of time
I can't get out of this
Altered state of mind
I'm going overboard
My conscience meets decline
Into Reality
I know this can't be fine

Cause I'm all messed up
Making prefect nonsense
Drowning in my doubt too well
Cause I'm all messed up
Going nowhere fast but circles in my mind
So blind

Who are these voices in my head
I can't go on like this
Living like the dead
I haven't slept so long
Feeling sad I dread
I'm talking to myself
Forgot what I just said

[Repeat Chorus]

Well I hold my only enemy as closely as a friend
And I sold my own reality to further my descent

Selt-destruction taking over it's so eay to pretend
Introduction to this nightmare may never end

Can anyone help me drag my heels
I'm running overtime
I can't hold down my meals
My mind is racing by
Staring blankly feels
Like pulling out my teeth
While this engine winds

[Repeat Chorus]
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