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Uh, mhmm, ah
Ooh, mhmm


Ain't get to talk to grandma, but I know she feeling bad
We lost auntie Barbara, right after we lost grandad
Times gettin' harder, it be too much on my brain
I know Deja's smilin', the only one who understood my pain
It's safe to say it's gettin' deeper
'Cause the reaper takin' my people, my dreams are gettin' cheaper
But music ain't felt the same since I met Timmy and Quesha
I was laying on my bed, finna write me a poem
And my phone started ringing, it was homie
And he told me, 'If it ain't killing you, nigga, it's making you stronger'
Stay far away from fuck niggas and the Corona, and I smiled
Yeah, I smiled, 'cause I been battlin' these demons since I was a lil' child
Time to let 'em go, I just thought I'd let you know that my heart been broke
Ever since I jumped off the porch
I come out that bottom
I was swimmin' with the piranhas
And for them commas, I would tie up a nigga momma
Fueled with aggression, in the middle of a depression
Bitch, I was stressin', feeling unwanted and accepted
Kicked out the house
Goin' back and forth with ol' girl at ol' nana couch

Feelin' like fuck the world
Still to this day, I can hear myself say
'Get off your ass, it's time to go make somethin' shake'
This ain't Hollywood, this the middle of the trenches
That was the beginning, a young nigga finally did it
Niggas be in they feelings, we stack that money to the ceiling
I ain't left the house in two months and I made two million, so, so, so

So fuck you, and fuck him too, and fuck you too
Don't wanna lose control, so between you and me
I was kinda hoping this could be the last sad song, ooh
Yeah, yeah
The last sad song, ooh
Yeah, yeah

Yeah, yeah, ah
Yeah, dawg, yeah, dawg
The last sad song
It be the last sad song, but I know it won't 'cause
Life goes on so this can't be the last sad song
You feel me? Not really verbal, I don't really talk, this shit be inside
When I finally get touched up in my head and it all just come out
You feel me?
Real shit, ooh
So this can't be the last sad song, brrah
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