Текст песни Take That - I Can Make It

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I'm tired of closing my eyes, to picture you in my mind
It feels so cold to be alone
Not sure where I want to be, so close to finding my dream
We need to hold on to all the times we spoke of love
Now I pray to God above that someday I can find the door
I'm looking for

I can make it, I know I can
I can save this love forever
I can make I know I can
We can make this work together

It's not a lonely men's dream,it's just that now that there's been
A taste of love in my life
That I refuse to return, I've got so much to learn
How can it feels as though I've reached the top of this steep hill
For a moment I was standing still
Now I have the faith I've needed to believe

'Cause you knop what this love means to me
You know how it feels when I can see it in your face
That you're missing me now, you feel I've let you down
You've gotta hold on, you've gota reach out and believe

I can make this world a place for me and you
We can make it, we can make it together
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