Текст песни The Fall Of Troy - Tom Waits

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Look, now just because we can't seem to get along without breaking the rules,
Doesn't mean we can't walk on the wild side.
It doesn't mean we can't talk on the dirty side...

(This malnutrition you've forced upon everyone), is still eating away at your insides,
(fill your mind with this idiosyncrasy), fill your head with indigenous lies...
Shut up, get down, you're blowing our cover!!!

A startling glance at the future and past, in our games we hide, in our ways we surpass.
But in all of my life, I've found nothing... like this.

{I walk down these roads, you drive them like highways.
Not a care in your mind if you're doing the right thing. In all of my life,
I've never been so ashamed to say that I was right.}

(Your contribution has hoarded the masses now), and the thieves have decided to hide,
(Ante up! Cause the enemy's coming), And get your gun cause I'm already reloading...
(Arm yourselves!!)
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