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Oh well, hi, hey there, hello,
Have you got someplace to go?

Well, I've got some time and I would love to take you out.

I've got two nickels to my name.

Well hey, my story sounds the same,
But I'll find some way to show you what life's all about.

Oh, we could take a walk downtown.

No, let's search for higher ground
We'll count the stars and clouds and howl at the moon.

I hear the rich folks come here, too,
'Cause it's such a lovely view
And when the sun decides to rise, it'll be too soon.

Oh, my blood may run red,
But the thoughts in my head,
They are blue, they are purple, they are gold.
And there may come a day
When my hair, it turns gray,
But my soul, oh my soul, won't grow old.

See I'm not skin and bones, I am sunshine and snow,
I'm this ever-changing earth that we know.
I'll melt into a stream,
I will glisten and gleam,
I'll float on, but I'll never grow old.

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