Текст песни The Simpsons - Bagged Me A Homer

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Bagged me a Homer
Oh the bases were empty on the diamond of my heart,
When the coach called me up to the plate,
I'd been swingin', and missin', at lovin' and kissin',
My average was point double oh eight.

So I spit on my hands, knocked the dirt from my spikes,
And pointed right towards centre field,
This time I'm hitting a home run,
This time the love is for real.

I'll slide... I'll steal... I'll sacrifice
A lovin' fly for you,
I been slumping all season but now I found a reason,
I struck on a love that is true.

I used to play the field,
I used to be a roamer,
But the season's turning 'round for me now,
I finally bagged me a homer.

That's right, I finally bagged me a Homer.
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