Текст песни Toni Braxton - Christmas In Jamaica

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Written by Toni Braxton, Donnie Scantz, Keri Lewis, O. Burrell,
Craig Love, Dave Kelly

We'll be having fun
Under the golden sun
Christmas in Jamaica here we come...
We'll just sail on, just sail...

Lovers frolickin'
Playin' in the sand
Got my Coppertone
Getting on my tan

Exotic setting for a
Lady and her man
A perfect little holiday
Sounds like a plan

We can stay in bed all afternoon
we can make out to some cool Reggae tunes
We can sail under the light of the moon
Wish we could freeze this moment
then it wouldn't end so soon...


Unplug the phones, y'all
Don't need no calls
No callin' home
Take a break from it all...

'Cause we both grown
And we can do whatever, see?
Baby, it's just you and me
Let's live out a fantasy

Hiking in the mountains, romantic rendezvous
Bathing in the fountains, stop-let me look at you...
Just in case you're doubtin', let me paint a view
Picture you're in heaven, everything is true
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