Текст песни Uriah Heep - Between Two Worlds

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You’re not the only one
Amongst the saints and sinners
There are those that we can see
And those no longer with us
To take that walk again
With someone you were close to
On stage in the other world tonight

And there are many
Who will say it’s speculation
We need to focus on
The sleeping generation
The healing vision
That extends beyond the pain
Will take you there and back again

I can remember
You were no stranger
As you came to me
Dreamers walking
And in that moment
Between two worlds
I saw the furthest star
Exploding all around you

And through the journey
You spoke in silence
And you made it clear
Walk in peace now
Then you touched me
Revealing all upon your way
Inside the burning fountain of timeOf time ...

A time so real as the one
We share each day
The same dimension
Just a heartbeat away
In every part of you
There’s so much exploration
Out on the edge of space and time
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