Текст песни Wc feat Maad Circle - Intro

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*helicopter flies overhead*
[cop] One of twenty, I’m behind the vehicle
And there goes the suspect, he saw us now
*police siren*
*chopper still flying around*
*chains rustling*
Coolio, c’mon man, hurry up!
*chopper makes another pass*
*somebody whistles*
*chains rustling*
*siren stops*
[cop] Back here
Police officer, come on out or I’ma send in the dog
Police officer, come on out or I’ma send in the dog
*whispered "fuck em"*
Front em, front em!!

Yeahhhh, beeaaaa!!
Back up in the mutha-fucka
Crawlin up the letter to skanless
Givin it up, straight holdin my nuts
Dub-C nigga, still chanky as fuck
Fresh out, so fuck the world nigga
This is MAAD Circle to the fullest, everybody killa
Takin it back to the days of drum loops
And lyrical skills, before niggaz got record deals
The dope game, when beats was the product
And only those with mic control made a profit
Before the shady ass contracts and restrictions
When niggaz true to this ruled the underground connection
Back to the days of hardcore
So lock your doors, here comes the MAAD Circle

"You know, we do whatever we do to survive"
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