Текст песни Will Smith - Wave Em Off

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[Verse One: Will Smith]
From a distance
Your witness, the glow from my entourage
Gravitate toward the ambience
See me and my men on CNN
Then the birth of the inevitable hate begin
Cause hate is the child of greatness
The group between me yo and the Smiths and the Matrix
Yin to the yang, it just must be
Ask anybody with a Grammy or an MVP

[Interlude] + (Will Smith)
I can't stop, get out, I don't need this hate around me
All yo' negativity might drown me
I just try to go hard, doin my job
Stop! Get out, the whole world love cause I do what I do
And I don't like the energy comin from you
Tryin to play me soft, wave 'em off (I just)

[Chorus] + (Will Smith)
Wave 'em off, yeahhh
(I ain't concerned wit'cha hatin, that don't slow down my paper makin)
Wave 'em off, yeahhh (While the whole world recognize)
(You lookin at me with them crooked eyes)
Wave 'em off, yeahhh (Love me I paved the way)
(Boys, we can't behave this way, c'mon)
Wave 'em off, yeahhh (And while the whole world recognize)
(You lookin at me with them crooked eyes)

[Verse Two: Will Smith]
Comin of age, I invaded nations
On stage I seen Haitian or Asian faces
No vacations just more locations
I go places so chasin my vocation
So demonstratin the way to be patient
With life's test, through my IRS situation
My guess is my dedication don't faze ya
A public sensation, in private you hatin, why?
That's so last year, that's so not sexy
But I shall not let the hate stress me
I got bigger fish to fry
I can stand on my wallet probably kiss the sky
When, I close my eyes, I wish that I
Could change how you get pissed when I
Do things you can't deny
Truth is, great do need hate to survive, so I


[Verse Three: Will Smith]
Block 'em out, ignore em, wave 'em off
Don't pay these jokers no mind, wave 'em off
They just all mad cause they in the coat section
Of the hate train and they can't get off
Still flamin boys, stayin clear of the hatin
Is the best defense, tryin to X-C excellence
Same way hope come with fear
Yo greatness lives here, then hateness lives here


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