Текст песни World Wide Message Tribe - Turn Around

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Irretrievable in this lonely world
So impossible to find a love that’s pure
Always thought it was a fairy tale
That someone loved me more than life itself
No greater love and so amazing to see
That you would rather die than go to heaven without me
I just wanna turn around, hold on to this truth I’ve found
I can feel your arms surrounding me
Tainted by the way I was, captivated by your love
Deep inside my heart I do believe
Never separated from you love for me

Your love overflowed, washed me whiter than the snow
Now that you are walking with me, talking to my soul I know
Every word you say is life to me
You are my hiding place when I am weak
When I need you and I’m down on my knees
You always hear my cry and you’re there to comfort me


Tell me where do I go from here
I can hear you calling out my name
What lies behind me doesn’t matter at all
Won’t you show me your way

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