Текст песни A Life Once Lost - Maudlin

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her cloths were soaked with mildew
ropes burned their way
through her fragile thin wrists
i stood over her
watching to see
if she was going to live or die
i remember her
screaming and scratching to my arms
while i was tying her wrists
behind her back
she was kicking her legs
up and down in my direction
trying to prevent me from knotting the ropes
stop crying
i screamed in her face
you took me for granted this time
how could youve done this to me
i said as i punched the ground beside her
until fists were sore and bloody
honey this couldve all been different
if you had wanted it to be
i gently whispered in her ear
u dont care what you want anymore
this is what i want now
dont offer me anything
you will be wasting you breath
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