Текст песни A Life Once Lost - The Change Came Suddenly

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can i spread frustration
without speaking?
without parting my lips
except to breath?
i let my actions speak for me
because my words
collided with yours
it created tension and frustration
so i left
i didnt turn around to see
how troubled you were that night
i promise that it paled in comparison
to the anguish each step brought me
as i walked away
my heart pumps your rhapsody
i still lick my lips
to the thought of you
so now im stuck here
in the purgatory of longing
for that one kiss good-bye
i try to empty myself
of all desire that i crave for ou
but the attempt only brings me
to my knees
i succumb to you idol
this subconscious social vampire
who haunts everythought
i chock on the will to demand patence
only to find myself swallowing blood
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