Текст песни Arabesque - Heart Of Fire

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I met a guy on a summer party
I looked at him and he looked at me
A special type, very very smarty
And it was love to the last degree
Only one night it took him
To change my whole life
Just one more day and I'll be his wife

Heart, heart on fire
Temperature is rising higher
Heart, heart on fire
I can feel just one desire

Baby do not forsake me
I have been waiting till you embrace me
My heart is aching
Don't let it be breaking
Give me your love

* (Repeat)

It's like a dream that you keep on dreaming
Then all at once it's reality
He took my hand and I know the meaning
Oh ev'ry work he would say to me
I had been dreaming of him
But how could I know
That he would really set me aglow

* (Repeat)

** (Repeat)

• (Repeat 6 times
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