Текст песни Arabesque - I stand by you

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Baby come on
Tell me what's wrong
I see the tears in your eyes
So don't deny
That there is something going on
That makes you cry

Don't lie to me
'Cause I can see
You try to carry this weight
Baby, that's great
But don’t you find it's even better
If we fight together
I will never let you down

For I stand by you
Come rain or shine
I stand by you
I stand by you
Your hand in mine
I stand by you
I still can hear you say
If it were only yesterday
For better and for worse
Baby, I stand by you

Do not give up
Loosing your job
It makes the sky very dark
But in my heart
I have the feeling that it means
A brand new start

Hiding your head,
Staying in bed
It never has been your style
I tell you why
You'll be alright because forever
We will stick together
I will never let you down
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