Текст песни DMX - How's It Goin Down

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What type of games are being played?
How's it goin' down?
It's on till it's gone
Then I gots to know now
Is you wit' me or what?
Are you gon' try to give me a nut
'Cuz honeys wanna to give me the butt
I'm politicin' with this chicken
Wonderin' if I'm a creeper
Lil' hood rat bitch from 25th
Named Tamika
Comin' through like I do you know
Gettin' my bark on
Knew she was a thug
'Cuz when I met her she had her scarf on
54-11, size 7 in girls
Baby face, would look nice
She was 11 with curls
Girlfriend (what) remember me?
From way back, I'm the same cat
With the wave cap
That muh fucker, that T.N.T.
Used to blaze at
Still here, so it's all good
Oh you know my niggaz' Rich
And them doin' they thing on 35th
Damn, it's a small hood
And it's all wood
So let me get that number
I get out (aight)
Hit you on the jack later on
Say what's up
Talkin' to shorty
Make me wanna do somethin' nice
Lookin' at that ass
Make me wanna do somethin' tonight
And I know right when I see right
'Cuz shorty lookin' like she tight
She bite
Better give a nigga the green light
Chorus X2
I'm gettin' at shorty like
'What you need, what you want?'
All for nothin' 'cuz I got you
But you frontin'
I see you wit' yo' baby father
But it don't matter
'Cuz you gave me the pussy
That ass is gettin' fatter
Let that nigga play daddy
Make moves, and me
I done kep' it more than real boo
Can't lose in me
Heard he smacked you
'Cuz you said my name when yall was sexin'
Ran up on this cat he thought was me
And started flexin'
You know I aint even wit' that
So he gon' have to get that just on T.D.
Try to creep me (what)
Make that nigga sleepy
Learn respect for you
That's yo' kids daddy
I ain't gon' send him on his way
Put him up in that big Caddy
But let him know
Never mind yo
I need you to go
Take the snow
Up to 1-5-0, see Joe
Get dat, come back wit' dat
And we can split dat
Sit back, fuck
Puff a L, forget dat
You wit' dat?
Chorus X2
A yo, this chicken got me diggin' her moves
'Cuz she smoove
Win or lose, whoever she choose
Gets to jewels
Respect is not expected
But it's given 'cuz it's real
Bein' neglected's the norm
Expect it, the deal
Lie, cheat, and steal for me
Puttin' somethin' in a niggaz wig
If he squeal for me
Kill for me
You still wit' me
'Cuz we get down like "what"
Soldiers from the dark
It aint all about a nut
I'm gon' be fair
Wanna to be there?
We gon' see there
Hit me wit' the question boo
That answer gon' be "yeah"
See there
Somethin' can go wrong it does
Loved it, let it go
But it came back
That's how strong it was
But she belonged to cuz
Couldn't belong to me
Got 2 kids by this nigga
It was wrong for me
But we gon' always be
Best of friends (ha ha)
Mad love boo, 'til the end (ha ha)
Chorus X4
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