Текст песни Faith Evans - Never Let You Go

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If I had one wish boy
I’d wish you next to me
And it could be in Summer Fall or Spring boy
Cuse you make my heart sing
I wanna give my heart my soul my love to you ohh baby yeah
Cuse everyday I’m not with you I’m missing you
Like crazy

I need for you to

[Chorus 1]
(I need ya to)
Love me (love me)
Hold me (hold me)
Touch me (touch me)
Down deep in my soul
Never let it go
Of the love we share, no one compares to you
I’ll never let you go,
Cuse I really love you so
ohh I,
I’ll never let you go

ohhh nooo,
no, no ,no, no

You must know the truth boy,
I’m nothing without you,
Its funny how I know what people mean, boy
When its too good to be true
Because you give me joy, good love, good times,
Such happiness, ohh yeah
And every day I thank the Lord for you,
I feel, so blessed

I need for you to,

[Repeat Chorus 1]

[Chorus 2]
If you only knew,
What you really do
Ain’t never had no one that does it quite like you do
You can spend half a life time trying to find one like you
That’s why I’m so glad I found you, babe
I wished upon a star and it came true

Darling I need for you to,

[Repeat Chorus 1]

hmmmm, hmmmm
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