Текст песни Good Charlotte - Festival Song

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*Dont care about a thing today
*I used to but im fed up
*and i can hear the words you say
*I wish that you would shut up
*I got responsiblity
*that is my liability
*a menace to society
*at least thats what they say to me

Tonight, Tonight, Its on tonight
I don't want your boring life
And I dont want your 9 to 5
Or anyone to tell me how to live

*People always tell me not to waste my time
*To get a real job and get back in line
*You can say I'll never be a millionaire
*Tell me this guitar won't get me anywhere
*I've got responisbilty
*That is my liability
*Im questioning authority
*They say theres not a chance for me...


*your futures no future
*your futures no future
*your futures no futre
*I control my future

**Chorus** x3

Im leaving
Im leaving
Im leaving
Im leaving Tonight
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