Текст песни Green Day - Fashion Victim

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He's a victim of his own time
In his vintage suit and tie
He's a casualty dressed to the teeth
In the latest genocide
The new seasons come and go
At the dog and pony show
Gonna sit and beg and fetch the names
And follow your dress codes

What's in a name, hey!

She's a scented magazine
Lookin sharp and livin clean
Livin well and dressed to kill
But she looks like hell to me
When you're dancing through your wardrobe
Do the anorexa-go-go
Cloaked with style for pedophiles
As your credit card explodes

Well you auctioned off your life
For the most expensive prize
Going once, going twice, it's gone

(youth crew)

What's in a name, hey!
What's in a name, hey!
What's in a name?
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