Текст песни Wayne Watson - A Beautiful Place

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verse 1If I had my way, I must admit
If I called every play of the game
I'd pray for good times, blue sky and sunshine
And I'd avoid with a passion any pain
verse 2But with every blow from an angry wind
And with every dark shadow that falls
There's a better view up around the bend
Where this puzzle makes some sense after all
verse 3Mistakes and misfortunes will come and go
For you to try and still fail is no disgrace
Sometimes a rough and rocky road
Is gonna take you to a beautiful place

verse 4Is there anyone out there looking back through you faith
That can deny that your Father knows what's best
Oh but at the time and place for the life of you
You saw no reason, no good for the test
verse 5But now remembering as you watched His hand
Put the colour to your black and white dreams
Maybe one more time past what you can see
Oh the trouble of the moment ain't as bad as it seems
verse 6Sometimes the unspoiled beauty of the wisdom of God
Is lying there in the wilderness
Up there beyond the easy reach
Where the journey takes a little more,
outroJust a little more faith I guess
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