Текст песни Wayne Watson - Blessed Are

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verse 1Blessed are the poor in spirit;
God has faithfully revealed
That the riches of the kingdom
With their souls in Christ are sealed.
chorusBlessed are the grieved, the weeping,
Those whose tears for others cry,
Selfless, giving, bearing sorrow
Will be dancing by and by.
verse 2Those who hunger and are thirsty,
Craving righteousness and life,
Won't be filled by any other,
Satisfied by none by Christ.

chorusBlessed are the meek, the gentle,
No demands, no claims to rights,
In their patience, strong and mighty
Confidence and faith in Christ.
verse 3And to those of tender mercy,
From them falls as gentle rain
Grace and Kindness, sweet compassion,
Mercy given and mercy gained.
chorusBlessed are the true peacemakers
With contentment for the fold.
They cling to promises of heaven,
Working in the field of souls.
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