Текст песни A Christmas Carol - Marley's Visitation

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It is required of every man
That his spirit travel far
Lending help to those he can
No matter who they are
But if you don’t go forth in life
Spreading joy and easing pain
Your spirit will go forth in death
And you shall wear a chain.

These were coins I hoarded for a rainy day
Now with every jingle I’m distressed
Locks and keys that helped me keep the poor away
That’s what put these locks and keys around my waist.

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My chain was getting longer
Link by Link
I should’ve heard it clink
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Each year a little stronger
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Stacking up my silver and my bits of gold
Filling up my vault when day was done
Well, vaults are made of lead and cash is very cold
And around your neck they weigh a bloody ton!

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You’re on the brink
It’s written here
In blood-red ink
Unlock your heart
It’s not too late
Or you’ll be dragging something more than twice this weight...

Ebenezer Scrooge...
You will be visited by three ghosts
When the clock strikes one
The Ghost of Christmas Past
When the clock strikes two
The Ghost of Christmas Present
When the clock strikes three
The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Be
Three ghosts who yet may stop you ending up like me...

These are spirits of men who were once like you
Dragging chains of all that we acquired
All the good in life is now too late to do
Not to mention this can really make you tired!

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Your chain is in the making
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No way to make it shrink
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Just listen to it shaking
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Your life must be corrected
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And sooner than you think
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Or you shall be connected
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