Текст песни A - Plugged In Freestyle (feat. BT (A92), Dbo (A92), KSav (A92), Offica)

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Fumez the Engineer, Plugged In
Yo, Charlie
I like this one
92 baby
It's K

I'll swing my arm in a figure of 8
Or I won't leave till the whole clip empty
Them boy ain't nothing but pagions
I can see why them boy love envy
I want LV, Prada or Gucci
I might just offend my opps in Fendi
And when juice get spilled like soda
No I won't say no words like Kenny

My hand ting coming like Corona
If it coughs twice then it's turning you pack
They say that we come like athletes
Circle your block and we do them laps
All out attack tryna get this pagion
All out attack in the fields, don't lack
He thought he was big like man
'Till I pulled out this stick tryna swing for backs

In the bando, no Kay
But I still make K's from this Lyca sim
The jake boys irritate my skin
Can't put me in the bin, no comment, can't sing
Dont sing like 6, dont snitch like 9
Still circle the Nine 2 times
With a machine no gym
Tryna put him in the sky
Make an opp boy fly
Get whacked by mine

Where them at, where them be, where the paigons get?
Make the boy's eyes look like an asian
Man we get round there on any occasion
It ain't a ride out, it's an invasion
And if you fuck with them, it's a simple equation
You're an opp boy, your a paigon
[?], more time when we slide round there its a quick ting, no calculation

By God's grace I dont end up a lifer
But I still slide, see me and we'll ride out
I ying yang like China, rip 2 g's
Make them drip like designer
On the block dressed in black like China
Fresh air ones, see me in my sliders
Hopefully I ain't got to remind ya
Off the *** and fuck the Niners
I can't stand them boy from the Nine
All they know is tell lies, tell lies
But there main boy got splashed, baptised
And another Nine boy got hospitalised
Any talk on the A get bun
Drills get done by me and the guys
Dbo tryna swing for backs
He can't swing for backs, so they stay inside

Scar man's face like Al Pacino
Buck into A and you can hold 2 on the pain, no free throw
Bow, bun, and the gun need reload
Stuck in the trap with one eye open
Hoping the cats don't drop that kilo
Dbo, fundz you can't miss me on road
Fundz, 'cause man's got green like silo
Bro bro went and bust that gun
I dont think that he'll bust that case
They say we dont slide to the ***
But *** got smashed, no trace
They left *** fighting for his life
On a hospital bed, got chinged broad day
A1 give her dick in her belly, which side is she on?
Ask your pagion bae

About slide to the ***, we slide to the ***
How many man got chased by we?
And lil' man Rose got got times 3
All the Niners, watched them flee
Was me and MZ tryna catch them three
Tryna switch it like OT Chee
But I'm in OT tryna make this cheese
I lurked down the B Town strip
I was pissed that he didn't get hit
Tell bro rise that mash and spit
Aim for his top or aim for his wig
I seen bro grab that stick
Bally on his face, he's taking that risk
Let sticks beat like drum kit
Pull up on them and pump it
Tryna let it blow like trumpets
At them muppets

Bro said to hold this stick
Man you need them muscles
He let it spray like Mr Muscles
Chocolate ting from Belgium, Brussels
She wanna go low
Man bring them bottles
Wait, she wanna jiggle and wiggle
This bad b one split in the middle
Leng, bunda come fat, not little
All my girls them sweet like Skittles
Yo, baby, how you move like that?
This gyally wanna arch her back
Go low, limbo, limbo, touch your toe
No Elvis, baby, when I rock and roll
Me and my guys, we flow like the river
Chat loos, get one in your liver
Or maybe your intestine
I got love for my gang, don't test man

I got washed up opps, it's peak
'Cause you man move gay, that's suttin' like Marvin
Out in the town tryna dish these foods
Ends are hot, but these cats be starving
We score them goals like Fifa
But we don't commentate like Marvin
No Taylor when we got down Swift
2 more down, that's no more targets

I do them in my Nike tracksuit and sliders
I do that there in my LV kicks
Must be the one who's spreading this virus
'Cause everyone knows that my flows are sick
OT flying, we riding
Out on the field tryna catch me a prick
Bando days, we spin 'round driving
Wave this wand in my hand, no wiz

Ay, I've been in the T with profit
Bruck down buds tryna make that profit
They chat on the net and gossip
A92, we the hottest topic
Shout SS for the pocket rocket
DBO got the plug like socket
I been 'round there on a madness
Watch them dash
What happened to the badness?

In the block like [?]
How many points have we scored in the last few weeks?
Meji, merin, mefa
On the ball, 22 on my back like Kaka
Bro scores like Laca
Shoot and they scatter
Watch them man japa
Boppity bop, boppity bop
It's ok, ju ci le, I'm a dancer
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