Текст песни Ace Hood, Benny the Butcher (feat. Millyz) - Uncomfortable Truth

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That's called energy
It's understood without words
I love where I come from, I love where I'm goin'
I love where I've been
I appreciate it all, uh

I prayed for this moment, thank you, Lord, I'm truly grateful
I'm doin' numbers I can't tell, I'm off them major labels
Stick to my truth and mind my business, that's my human nature
Soul saver, game changer, I'm the biggest stepper
Married man, business man, see, that's two different levels
Seven figures on the low, but I'm your humble servant
My kids straight, but I get hatred from the ones who birthed 'em
I ain't trippin', still tippin' with the gift of gab
My struggle deep, my spirit guides got me pickin' scabs
We livin' lav', me and wifey just been keepin' tabs
See, we got options, ain't no toxic, we remove the mask
I see you clear, I see your fear, I done been insecure, you feel that?

Yeah, Ace
It's me
The Butcher comin', nigga

I spent my teens pushin' weight rock-hard
I served clean at the streets, had to rate five stars
But I spent my twenties upstate, got charged
Starin' out my cell window, watchin' raindrops fall
Niggas put out wack shit, and y'all tell me I should be nervous?
That shit sound funny like Omarion in the Verzuz
How the feds get a nigga to rat and burden his kids
And the nigga he told on release date be earlier than his?
Uh, yeah, latex gloves when I boil dope
'Cause I ain't tryna get oil coke on this Royal Oak
Call us oldheads and ask do I find it annoying, no
'Cause the more you've been through, lil' nigga, the more you know, mm

The more you know
It's real shit, strong rule the weak
But the wise rule the strong (Ayy, Ace)
It's real anger (It's love)
Yeah, uh

Photographic memory, paint a hustler picture vivid (I do)
It's glorified on the outside, but it's fucked up when you live it (Man)
Interrogation rooms with tough guys turned timid
Turned witnesses, switch on the whole gang like they was never in it
I never went to science class, but my role models was chemists
Hottest out, regardless, if they don't post it on Akademiks (It don't matter)
Learn to pitch without a mound, I brought my team to the pennant (I did)
How you speakin' on this game and you barely been in a scrimmage?
Window to my soul is tinted, ain't no seein' through me
And in her mind, she think it's love, but I don't see it, groupie
Don't start to think you Scarface after you see the movie
'Cause Alejandro sent a fleet of hitters, squeezin' Uzis, it's Blanco, man (Boom)

That's the uncomfortable truth
It's understood

Blindfolded in the darkness, how I find the light?
How I rise and they surprised? It seem like overnight
Black queen by my side, not into China White
Sippin' Pinot Grigio, she deserve the best in life
Fuck the cost, she want a boss, we don't fisher price
We at the villa, just takin' pictures, we super fine
Blessings from above, how could I not give thanks?
I'm breakin' chains in my family, ain't no reform slaves
We gon' fight through all that trauma, get a grip on things
I was raised in a world where men don't cry out pain
We respond by gettin' bricks to heal our poverty shame
Gain a world with happiness, just can't exist in that frame, I know you feel that

Forgive me for bein' transparent and honest
We gotta rise
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