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Do you wait each year for Halloween?
Dreaming of those dead falling leaves?
For years, slept tight and so serene
Awake now into the miasma 2020
A somber grip of mourning falls
When you rise upon Samhain Day
For you know this year's raucous revelries
Are canceled in the wake
Of the unseen terror lurking in the air
Remorseless and relentless in attack
And no one's going out for tricks or treats
Yet everyone wears masks

The horror's put on hold this year
But the paranoia's creeping in
Cannot tell who's friend or foe
As the matrix starts to bend
And the corpses still are piling high
This Season of the Dead
Is the virus in your body?
Has the virus fucked your head?
Last Halloween, of 2019
Seems so distant now, doesn't it?
Lucifer sheds a single tear
For the Halloween that wasn't

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