Текст песни Alanis Morissette - Baba

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I've seen them kneel
with baited breath for the ritual
I've watched this experience raise
them to pseudo higher levels
I've watched them leave their families
in pursuit of your nirvana
I've seen them coming to line up from switzerland and america
How long will this take baba
How long have we been sleeping
Do you see me hanging on to every word you say
How soon will I be holy
How much will this cost guru
How much longer 'til you completely absolve me
I've seen them give their drugs up
in place of makeshift altars
I've heard them chanting
kali kali frantically
I've heard them rotely repeatly your
teaching with elitism
I've seen them boasting robes and
foreign sandalwood beads
I've seen them overlooking god in
their own essence
I've seen their upward glances
in hopes of instant salvation
i've seen their righteousness
mixed without loving compassion
i've watched you smile as
the student bow to kiss your feet
Give me strength all knowing one
how long 'till enlightenment
how much longer 'til you
completely absolve me
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