Текст песни Александрия - Pastoral song

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A winter day, and shining of stars,
Warm snow, these are the memoirs of the childhood,
Pastoral …….
Pastoral song.

1. The birth of a fine rose, gives light,
This light goes from the heart, warms your soul,
The soul starts to sing, a rainbow in a bright dance,
You fly to your dream.
Birds sing in morning light,
Welcome a new day,
You hear a voice, it calls you,
And you follow it, and wish to see...

2. You dreamed of a happy life,
Among woods and rivers,
You live in a dream, the dream lives in you,
The sun rises.
All alive welcomes the dawn,
A butterfly flies to have a drink of dews,
Splash in the water, I hear someone's shout,
I wish to see...

3. All in this world is only for you,
A whiff of the wind and noise of the sea,
Look back all sings together with you,
You are in the magic world.
This world is fine in the sunlight,
It gives happiness,
You’re dancing and smiling, a tear in the moonlight,
But do not cry, I’ll show you...
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