Текст песни Awkwafina - Pockiez

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I’m all about the pink tip Pockys
Got a lotta vag, feel cocky
Thotties tryna start up in the inbox
Now they wanna get props
Tell them bitches exit through the gift shop
I know I act rich but I’m broke
Skin turn green 'cause the ring fake gold
I just wanna smoke bowls
Roll up with a GoPro
Queens full of ajummas workin on their golf stroke
I’m yellow as a egg yolk
So I’m gettin' side-eyed by these alt-right white folk
Meanwhile got China makin' iPhones
Time zones, workin' at the quarry chopping limestone
You could catch me in a Lyft with a pretty bitch
Got a baggie but I only need a little bit
One hit and the bitch talkin silly shit
See me on the block with the squad, big city bitch

I’m educatin'
Killed a dude off while menstruatin'
Yeah I don’t need a dick when I penetrate
Never hesitate when I devastate them
Bitch I devastate them

I’m a sushi blade, you a dull razor
I’m a lead role, you a day player
I got good genes and I’m agin' well
Is a bitch 13? They can never tell
Ay roll up in a second-hand Nissan
Mothafuckas on the boulevard with a fleece on
In da cut, deli sign, Pink neon
Gutting out a dutch, I don’t even need a reason
Ay imma celebrate
Had a good year need to calibrate
For you slow hoes imma paraphrase
I'm a heavyweight, bitch I devastate them

Bitch I devastate them
Bitch I devastate
Bitch I devastate them
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