Текст песни Blood On The Dance Floor - Lose Control!

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[Verse 1:]
Keep talking shit
I'll give you a fat lip
Take a chainsaw
Rip you down raw
Get me pissed don't f*ck with this
I love it when I'm dangerous
Coming like a freight train
Painting walls with your brains

You testify
I'll justify
You testify

So much to take
Before I start to break
Rattle my cage
Stir up my rage
Try and trip
With a diss
Your ignorance
Is my sweet bliss
Seal it with a lovely kiss
Serve you like a f*cking dish

With our eyes wide open
Our fist closed shut
Push us to our limit
And we will have to f*ck you up

So rip it up
Tear it down
Smash it up
Burn it down
We've lost control
Of our souls
Whoah o
Ohh noooo

Forget the risk
Take the fall
If that's what you want
It's worth it all

They can push you to the edge
But it's worth it in the end

Numb the pain
Let it go
Brace yourself
Lose control

[Verse 2]
I do what I want
And I mean what I say
You've said your peace
Now stay the f*ck away
I love my life
The way it is
And now you're gone,
It's none of your business
Hate if you will
It's all good
You think you're king
Without shit to prove
You won't corner me
You can't destroy me
Cage me, contain me
And I'll still break free

Irony and reality
Let's face the facts
I've had enough
Without fighting back
Monopolize your world
To hate the unknown
You can't justify
And I won't conform
You think you have it all
But not my soul
I'm taking a stand
I'm loosing control
Minds blank emotions
A social disease
Your hate produced
A whole other breed



Burn it down
Burn it down
Burn it down

There's a trigger that goes off
A feeling that just snaps
When your pushed to a corner
And you gotta fight back
Find your inner f*cking strength
Motivated by their hate
Pull it out when in doubt
And just not give a f*ck
Till you break em and they fall
See their pity as the crawl
Cuz you're tired and you're weak
From those nights of restless sleep
When you feel like giving up
When you feel like throwing up
When you had it up to here
When you want to disappear

Keep talking shit
I'll give you a fat lip
Take a chainsaw
Rip you down raw


Don't hold back
Let it go
Rise against
And lose control
Numb the pain
Let it flow
Brace yourself
And lose control!
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