Текст песни Canibus - Talkin The Talk

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You don’t have a broad enough bandwith to understand Bis
Like what if - I changed my name to CAN-I-RIP
Tell me, would you understand it
Or does it trouble you
Is it too much over your head
does it puzzle you?
I can rap about whateva the fuck I want
What’s wrong with rappin about whateva the fuck i’d done
Visually and verbally
I’m hi-res cutting edge
and If you know Rakim then you should "Know the ledge"
I know I do
Get everything I’ve ever rhymed to
staple it together and you got a fuckin bible
Let me remind you
Records like "Beasts from the East"
proove that I crucify you
if I ever get to rap behind you.
What about the freestyles I put on vinyl
for DJs and hiphop heads to get hype to
Besides who raps like I do
If you ever heard I’m not the best you being lied to
Here’s a FYI to I can rip
but you don’t have the mental bandwith to understand Bis
Niggaz wanna talk the talk
but when they get their feet chopped of they can’t walk the walk!!
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