Текст песни Childish Gambino feat DC Pierson - Different (Feel It All Around)

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[Verse 1: D.C. Pierson]
Y'all know the name
No action, all flame
It's D to the C, no practice, all game
And not the game that your computer came installed with
So ditch the lame Twit you are currently involved with
The Derrick Boys a bunch of crazy brothers like the Baldwins
Echo motherf*cker, you are just another dolphin
Hello motherf*cker, like I walked in on incest
Do it motherf*cker, talking does not impress
Us, man, us
It's all about us
Like them self absorbed teen girls talking on the bus
We trust you to pay when we ask you to pay
Til then, Chili Peppers, we give it away
I don't f*ck the fans, I am not the industry
Man, I hate it when the man comes between you and me
I don't masturbate, I give a handjob to a star and
Picture you bumping out this anthem in your car
Still showing up for our dorks, geeks, losers
Rode out from New York on six beach cruisers
And if we could we'd ride with every kid right on the handlebars
We are just some rappers like some fat kid ate the candy bars

[Verse 2: Childish Gambino]
Yes I'm back with a whole new attitude
Flier than a Cardinal, check my f*ckin' latitude
Yes I'm so sick man, somebody call the doctor
Girls stay wet like I'm f*cking with a lobster
I stopped talking I'm tired of paying em lip service
Switched over from street n*ggas to hipsters
I am so different, Donald Glover in the b*tch
I don't need to use my rapper name, that's just Childish
And they used to call me Oreo, dunk me in that milk
Maybe then I will be white enough to hang out with them kids
They have to call you names when they don't know what you are
Now they know just what I are, baby girl I am a star
APC kicks, looking like a British boy
More money means more problems, I have been annoyed
Dude mad bout the girl that I came with
I'm fly, she fly, you are just penguin
I am just a rapper so I don't speak English
I just go hard like the traffic light changes
Sick boy, b*tch, we the clique like seat belts
Yes I'm on fire I don't have to ask how heat felt
When I was 14, man nobody else was thinking this
A n*gga off the chain, man I Abraham Lincoln'd this

I am just different
Motherf*cker, I'm different
Yeah, I am just different
Yeah, I am just different

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