Текст песни Clawfinger - Breakout

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Embrace the child in you don't hesitate to let him shine
It takes a laugh or two go with your heart and free your mind
Don't try to be adult it doesn't lead to anywhere
It's no one elses fault your own emotions make you scared

Just face the fool in you and let that sucker slip on out
Don't try to play it cool that's not what life should be about
It only takes a smile and suddenly you've dropped your gaurd
And made another friend it doesn't have to be so hard

Breakout, embrace the child inside you
Take off that mask and show your face
Breakout and face the world around you
Wake up and cut straight to the chase

You're chasing waterfalls instead of racing up the stream
Just make the most of life and live out all your wildest dreams
Just let the fuckers out let go of everything you've got
Instead of waasting time by being someone that you're not

You're place is here and now don't let nobody grind you down
You can't be ridiculed don't be afraid to be a clown
Let go of all your pride and find your way down to the core
A stuck up attitude turns you into a crashing bore
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