Текст песни Da Brat - May Da Funk Be Wit 'cha

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(Verse 1)
Now back from the 6 o 6 4 4 full of indo
Untypical is that bad ass ho
B to the R to the A to the T
Ain’t no bitch is this industry that can see me
The city of C H I is where I’m from
The 3rd motherfucker to drop the bomb on the bomb
And here I come steady breakin bustas off
Up to bat is Da Brat and ain’t a damn thing soft
About me no doubt the B R A T
Is all up in that ass for the motherfuckin ninety’s
So funkdafied who can be this lady
Brat westside bustin like a 380
From the top of my head to the sole of my feet
Broke down smoked out locced out is she
That bitch that’ll hit ya get ya
And when you bumpin up my shit may da funk be wit ’cha

Fall into the groove of the waxin
Let my music take you high-e-i
Lay back kick it and enjoy the ride
And move that body from side to side

(Verse 2)
A real fresh voice over top of low frequency
Is the chain like connection between you and me
Why? Cause I got that bump de de bump
And baby you got them humps in your trunk
So it’s on (Shit)
Lay back nigga we fin to ride
I gotta get high I gotta get mine
Baptized all up in this funky shit
Fired up is that bitch that you just can’t with
I got what you need do you wanna fly?
This is your brain on drugs and I
Have been captured taken over by
The captivating strength of the most funkdafied high
It’s like fire locked in my bones
Get smoked the fuck out it’s the funk bring it on (oh yeah)
And that’s how I hit ya
And when you bumpin up my shit may da funk be wit ’cha


(Verse 3)
Hypnotized by a motherfucker puttin it down
It’s Da Brat watch your back when I’m in your town
Cause I gotta be funky I gotta be me
I gotta be that same bitch from the streets
A woman of my clad
Commin up with the motherfucking funk so I know my track
Right, can you feel it do you hear what I hear
Nothin but the funk bumpin up in your ear
Double S-O definitely
So locced out that it’s just so s-o crazy
Brat on that ass fallin back once more
Getting filled on full with that shit from the ghetto
You better ask somebody if you don’t know
I’m from Chicago and you can’t fade this ho
And that’s how I get ya
And when you bumpin up my shit nigga take the funk wit ’cha

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