Текст песни DreamDoll - Team Dream

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Dream Doll
Ha, ha, ha, ha

Yeah bitch, my name Dream
New Benz stay clean
Bitches thought I'd be a one hit wonder
Man, what the fuck do they mean?
I been a dime man, check your intercom
Bitches know my name ring (brang!)
I'm taking over, yeah, this summer
And all summer eighteen (hah)
All I hear from you is commentary
Fuck sending niggas commissary
I work hard for these coins
I monster ball, no Halle Berry
A bunch of bitches in the private telly
Fuck broke bitches trying to tell me
Diva bitch, no Mariah Carey
Keep a shooter up beside the deli
Fifteen for a shoe
Broke bitches stay on mute
Better talk to me nice
Better keep that shit cute (yup)
These niggas can't link me
Broke bitches can't beat me
That nigga just bought a Honda
I spent that on my pinky
Who you with? Who you with?
Dream Doll too legit
I just want the money calling
If it ain't the "who is this?"
Niggas show me groupie love
Never been a groupie bitch
Most hated bad girl
Had the crib super lit
Got your nigga on FaceTime
Compliments my waste line
He told you he don't eat pussy
He ain't eat yours but he ate mine
I only link with my baddies
It don't count if you have me
Pull up in them panty
Hundred ring come in handy

Everything nice
Ha ha ha

Gwinin team, Gwinin team
I moved on to bigger things
Twenty bottles VIP
No you can't sit with Dream
I just copped a bigger ring
Forty for the pinky ring
Pussy make a nigga fiend
Baddest bitch up in the scene
Bitch tryna get clout
Fuck a nigga then bounce
Lipstick on your sheets
Pussy juicy in your couch
Always been a bread winner
No time to play house
No time to lay up
Unless he give mouth
Why you mad? Why you mad?
Closet got all types of bags
Rolly on me diamonds dance
Fuck with me not a chance
Too much ass out the pants
Six figure my advance
Your new bitch I'm not a fan
Fuck with me not a chance
Yeah, I'm getting money while I sleep
Forty just for walking in
Fuck I look like being cheap
Niggas see me blowing up
Then my pics are getting leaked
Baddest bitch on BGC
And I was only there a week

Everything nice
Yah, yah
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