Текст песни Envy (Nico feat Vinz) - Set To Go

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[Nico Sereba:]
The speed I'm advancing with
Is the type to make it dark when the candles lit
Cause I pass so fast, so swift
See the dust in the sky when I move feet
Better yet, when I move teeth, I'm an athlete on the beat
Go hard like concrete, and I stay concrete
The contest, I'm sure that you know it
Paperchase is the name, want money to blow it
No comments, when I'm preparing for the race
Only sign autographs, only make a kid's day
Once I set it off, there ain't no stopping
Shoegame tight, you can say I'm footlocking
No question bout who the best mate is
You reap what you sow, and I only plant greatness
They accuse me of cheating, I'm like nope
Ain't even pissed in a cup, how they say I'm so dope

I'm ready, ready, set to go
And I'mma run 'till my feet can't take no more
I'm ready, ready, set to go
Set to go, set to go [x2]

[Vinzy V:]
I'm at the starting line, and I'mma run until I get tired
Yo, I'mma get by
Shot goes off, and quickly, man I'm passin' ya
Laughing at ya, thinking you can outlast my stamina
Yo eyes on my back, mine's on the prize
And crowd standing stunned like they got something in their eyes
Bring the heat to every heat, don't we qualify
You say you ain't feelin' this, are you paralyzed
Break yo neck to this, am I bustin' rhymes
Floatin' skyhigh, when am I coming down
Nico and V, the formidable team, all after the cream
And I ain't talking 'bout no cocoabutter
This ain't no track 'n' field, but the track's my field
And I subtract the wack, until the track you feel
Now how is that for a sprint, back once again
Jumpin' over hurdles like I'm destined to win

[Chorus x2]
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