Текст песни FKA twigs (feat. Pa Salieu) - track girl interlude

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It’s so nice to have a cuddle
What’s the melody you’re doing?
Are we recording, ’cause this is good?

Road, like, thug mentality (Yeah)
Was my type
A sense of protection, that’s where it gets me (Hmm)
That’s what I connect it with, but—
I have to be sexually attracted to you though, c—

That’s like, a massive deal
Don’t you know that I like you?
Aha, this is a big deal

Though I kind of like guys that usually smoke weed (Period)
Who usually sell drugs (Period)

No but I was—
Never says—

So I’d get on the train
To Victoria Town Junction to
And I’d go and chill with him for like an hour

What did he do?
He was an athlete
I was like his track girl

Yeah, I haven’t been heartbroken since I was about seventeen neither
I’m proper heartbroken at the moment, yeah
That sucks like when you’re—
Were you dating someone proper?
No, it was like, really complicated, like everything I get into it’s—
Nothing’s ever easy
You seem like a crazy girlfriend, though
Do I?

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