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Diamond cut vocals carved sculptures
Gats and hosters
Macks and four fifths
Two plagued verocious
We smoked spliffs when the drolls lit
Hoes get hit
Have them blow dick
Blow the whole click
Jeeps Tahoe
Shoes be shavo talk Pharagamoe
Catch a hamo
Guess long like Motumbo
From a land of heart rap phantom stalk ya’ll
While we bent a pork off a raw torch ya’ll
The god sports all dejour for all wear
Push the Range all year
Vision of war near
I laid out on ya’ll
In money and ice
That’s how I’m running your wife
Stay ripen at ripe
Clip in your life down to pipe size
Firm slice pies
Couple of trife guys in tinted up white five’s
Whose the first to set it
At time my first pathetic
Nature one of The Firm
Our works phonetic
As seven digits
First class trips for summer never is it
Outlaw remain pessimistic
Used to jostle in hostile environments
Buying whips
Cheating like fiver ricks requirements
Psychics predict that I’ll be dying rich
Until then catch me chillin flying in a giant six
On some next shit
Went from humble now to hectic
Reminiscing when they use to call me desperate
Minor drawbacks
I had to learn not to fuck with small cats
In fake cadier and straw hats
Sic ’em on the mix tape
They think they’re all that
But just spread it through
Never sound unreasonable son
Whatever the cause I know it pleasible
Fought your way in the game
The wait is seasonable
We keep going on, we’re gonna get this money
(Take money money take take money money
Take money take take money money)
We just play our part, we’re gonna make this money
(Make money money make make money money
make money money make make money)
Show me the orbit
Stock bonds I own corporates
Rock the ???? shift
Filthy rich we caught the coach smiths
You must have lost sense
My whole firm we walk with offense
I push a Porsche bent
Fuck your main bitch at your expense
Laws intense hivalates
Death throughout the tri-state
Who lie evade a ’98 Lex in wide plate
Well modernized
Wide body cup with foreign eyes
You far behind
I rock the reptiles
And steal a Karl Kani’s
Guard your eyes
Mystical movements hard to size
We harmonize
And to its the force that’s way beyond the skies
Love position parlaying duck nd truck evictions
Thug intentions every few months
Off this mission
Its principles master my square
No identical expensible
I figure you wise and play it sensible

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