Текст песни French Montana - Stuck in The Jungle Load...

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Coke Boy, baby

I'm up in traffic, I ride with them guns, you know how we do every summer (Oh)
Jump out the bed like fuck what it is, you know how I do for my brothers (Yeah, yeah, oh)
Chiraq career, they got me on papers, I'm stuck in the zoo for the summer (Yeah, oh, yeah)
Ain't talk to my dawg in a couple of months, can somebody tell 'em I love 'em? (Gang, gang, let's get it, yeah)
Fuckin' these hoes all over the world, I never give groupies my number, uh (Let's gеt it)
Racin' them Lamb' trucks, pressin' the front and I'm back of thе bumper, yeah (Skrrt, skrrt)
Get 'em Xans up, fuck off a Perky and take off the rubber, uh (Yeah, yeah)
Put my hands up, look at the face and the Rollie, baguette and the buss, uh (Yeah, yeah)
I'm not A Boogie, I keep on a hoodie, a hoodie (Yeah, yeah)
She want Celine, I get it 'cause she got good pussy, uh (Yeah, yeah)
You said they stole your chain, you lied, they took it, uh (Yeah, yeah)
Amiris with the Dior Nikes (Yeah, yeah)

Through these Cartiers they cried Armani tears if a nigga tried to play with my life (Oh, haan, with my life)
So watch what you say 'cause, nigga, I don't play, any time o' the day, it's on sight (Oh, grrt, on sight, oh)
I looked the judge in the face, told him, "I don't know a thing (I don't know a thing), I wasn't there that night" (That night)
They said I had a AK in the 'Rari and I just caught a body, I'm like, "Nigga, that's a lie" (That's a lie)

Ayy, Coke Boy (Coke Boy, baby)
We ridin' baby, baby (Baby)
We slidin' baby, baby (Baby)
On my diamonds they dancin'
Close [?]
All these bricks build a mansion
I still ride through the slump (Slump)
'Rari load with the pump (Pump)
Just to get through that hump (Hump)
Money sealed in the trunk (Trunk)
It goes one fed together, two...
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