Текст песни Hinder - The Best Is Yet To Come

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My first make-out session
I learned my first lesson
While trying to get to the next base
When I slipped past her waist
She smacked my hand away
Then I got a slap in the face

If I could go back in time
Wouldn't change a damn thing in my life
Love the dumb things we do when we're young

But the best is yet to come

My first drinking lesson
I followed all my friends
Stole liquor went down to the lake
Weed mixed with Whiskey
Hell I got so dizzy it was more than my stomach could take

Go for it
Run toward it
Dive in head first
Live life with no regret
Put your heart out there
Don't be scared you might get hurt

My last highschool lesson
Scared of graduation
Tipped a few back and showed up too late
Well my mom got mad hell my dad he just laughed
and said, son I have to the same thing.
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