Текст песни Hollywood Undead - Christmas In Hollywood

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[Funnyman as Santa Claus]
[Tha Producer and Charlie Scene]
It's Christmas in Hollywood
Santa's back up in the hood
So meet me under the mistletoe lets fuck
It's Chanukah in Inglewood
the dradles spinning in the hood
so meet me by the manura lets get drunk

[Charlie Scene and J-dog]
J J J Just a little story about last Christmas
About some bad kids who were full of wishes
We gave some gifts and then we gave some lovin
The weird kind of love that you give to your cousin
Little Timmy stole from 7-11
So we stopped by his house with a pair of sevens
We drank in his room with some dude named Kevin
But there was still some bad kids who deserved some presents
Zack got caught with a bottle of jack
So we slipped down his chimney with an 18 pack
He didn't leave cookies but we needed a snack
So we took the beer back and I FUCKED HIM IN THE ASS!!!
It's Charlie Scene got egg nog in my flask
The holidays are back and all my presents are wrapped
Like oh my god is that saint nick
Kids give me your list like its the 25th
Been accused of being a bad kid
But I get presents as is
Cause MRS. Clause just myspace'd me
I blew off a date on Christmas eve.
So I don't give a fuck if your naughty or nice
You might still get a Rolly (rolex) and a gang on ice
So write your list and never have no fear
Have a Hollywood Christmas and an Undead new year!!!!

[The Server and Da Kurlzz]
bout to serve it up for for all you boys and girls.
good kids, bad and even Da Kurlzz.
we were chillin at home and deckin the halls.
so I checked my phone and Santa had called.
he said he'd swing by at a quarter to twelve.
he said that his jolly ass needed some help.
he said Christmas aint a gang but a way of life.
"if you guide my sleigh, I'll let you fuck my wife."
so we jumped in his sleigh and it started to jingle,
funnier than fuck you can ask Chris Kringle.
so we all took flight but something was fishy.
he asked for road head and started to kiss me.
underneath his suit was just a bunch of pillows.
instead of bags of presents, he had bags of dildo's.
I pulled down his beard and it was a monster.
it wasn't saint nick it was a fuckin imposter.
when we found out he started to pout.
I took my bandana and I choked him out.
I pulled off his beard and I fucked his mouth.
hi-jacked his sleigh and headed down south.
I had a lot of wild nights but tonight was the craziest,
met a lot of Jeff's but this one was shadiest.
when it comes to cheer that motherfuckers a grinch.
so if you don't like Christmas FUCK YOU BITCH!!!
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