Текст песни Ian Anderson - Trains

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Here I am at the end of the day
with a cup of cold coffee
from the station buffet.
On Trains, on Trains I seem
to spend my life on Trains.

See the blue suit banker in the ticket line.
Got an Evening Standard with Playboy
hidden behind.
On Trains, on Trains he seems
to spend his life on Trains.

Time after time
Was I just dreaming?
Did I help you aboard.
Full passenger service--
Let me help with the door
Sit down take the weight off your feet.
There’s a train-load of people I’d like
you to meet
On Trains, on Trains we love
to spend our lives on Trains.

Join the secret world of Trains.
Feel the pleasure. Touch the pain.
Drift into yesterday.

Once and again
I was just thinking.
We could meet sometime
on the 17.30 where
I usually find
my friends at the end of the day.
May we pay your fare, lady?
We should like you to stay
in our train. On Trains--
you’ll have to spend your life
on Trains.

I hear there’s an office party on the 18.05
You’ll be home for Christmas if they
take you alive from the Train
Those Trains, we have to spend our lives
on Trains.

Once and again
I was just thinking
we could meet any time
on number two platform
where I usually find
my friends at the end of the day
on Trains, Trains, Trains.
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