Текст песни Immolation - God Made Filth

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The ways of the blessed
Scourging mankind
Such reverence and obedience
As we drown in his filth

The fires of depravity
Are burning with vigor
Professing his name to all

Writhing and crying, for a savior you’re calling
Wretched and broken, humanity is falling
Selfish and wicked, you rape and you take

Reach up and take the hand of God,
For everything he touches is turned to shit

Follow him into glory,
Leave behind the Eden that you’ve ravaged
Filthy Christians
Will your crosses help you cleanse your filthy souls
Filthy liars,
Wallow in the dimming light of promise

Laughing and beaming, revel in our ruin
Turning his back, shakes our blood from his hands
A world in denial of being denied

Will you ever see the river of black spilling from his wounds
Will you ever hear the somber walls of winds that carry hope
Can you crawl from beneath the layers of his filth

The fires of depravity
Still burning and burning
Professing and declaring
His kingdom on earth
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