Текст песни Insane Clown Posse - Southwest Voodoo

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(vocal ad lib)
Voodoo, runnin’ from my magic.
Ray kay shay, Shooga booga ba, Southwest Voodoo’s in the haugh!
Wicked voodoo doped up killa!
Magic, dark magic, yo.
(end chorus)
Met this kid named Louie Lou,
He thought he could fuck with this voodoo.
So I turned his head into a lima bean,
And then flicked it off his shoulders ping!
From Mookan House to Shangra La,
Egyptian Pharohs, kumpa to.
Follow me, and join us as we pray,
To the seventeen moons of Kunga Delray.
Walked in the lunchroom chantin’ spells,
With bamboo bitches and voodoo bells,
Got my own food, who wants some?
I got possum nipples and raccoon tongue.
A non believer once started to laugh,
So I launched a fireball up his punk ass!
Then everybody heard him squeal,
"This voodoo shit’s for real!"
It just takes:
(pre chorus:)
A head from a newt, a wing from a bat,
A tongue from a snake, a tail from a rat,
A neck from a chicken, an eye from a crow,
And a little itty bitty itty drip of faygo!
(end pre chorus)
Gripped out fauna on a windy night,
Ya see voodoo scribblings in the moonlight,
Painted all on the city street,
It’s the ancient craft of gang bangin’
Hey! J! What’s in the bag?
A shrunken head, and shrivled scrotum sac
Why? Ya think voodoo’s fake?
Come to the graveyard, I’ll make the dead wake.
Raise, raise, shooga boom ba.
Sleep no longer, raise, quick!
Raise, raise, shooga boom ba,
"Leave us alone, you fuckin’ punk bitch!"
Well, fuck it, I ain’t that done yet,
But one day you can bet I’m a freak! (w/ echo)
We’ll make the whole world dance with the dead,
And just like my homie said, it only takes,
(pre chorus)
Voodoo, runnin’ from my magic,
Voodoo, runnin’ from my magic,
Voodoo, runnin’ from my magic,
I’ll make a voodoo doll of ya, and flick ya nuts!
(pre chorus)
(pre chorus)
(chorus)(w/vocal as lib)
"And now, the flying Fritz brothers"
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