Текст песни Isley Brothers, The - Contagious

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(Ron Isley - verse 1)
It’s 2 a.m.
just getting in
about to check my message
no one has called
but my homies
and some bill collectors
cellular rings
somebody wants to borrow money
I 2-way her
she don’t hit me back
something is funny
so I called her mother’s house
and asked her
had she seen my baby
drove my 6 around
looking for that missing lady
Got back in
turned the tv on
and caught the news
and I put my hand on my head
cause I’m so confused
and then I turn the TV down (tv down)
cause I thought I heard a squeaky sound (ooohhh)
mmm somethings going on upstairs
cause I know nobody else lives here
as i get closer to the stair ways
all i hear
then i hear my baby’s voice
in my head screaming out
you’re contagious
touch me baby
give me what you got
then a man said
sexy lady
(and then I heard another man)
drive me crazy
drive me wild

I just can’t believe this shit
(Ron Isley - verse 2)
I ran downstairs
looked in the closet
looking for that hoe
said a prayer
cause only God knows what I’m gonna do
what i saw
was enough to drive a preacher wild
I’m in the halls
contemplating now in my own damn house
who’d would’ve thought
she was creepin another man
the down low
happening to me all over again
and then i turned the TV down(tv down yea)
cause i know I heard a squeaky sound
somethings going on up there, upstairs
cause i know that
no one else is here
as i get closer
to the stair ways
all i hear
and then i hear my baby’s voice
in my ear, screaming

ron: what the hell is going on
between the sheets in my home

chante: baby wait,
let me explain,
before you start to point your cane

ron: girl I’m bout to have a fit

r. kelly: oh its about to be some shit
how did i get into this
should have never came home
with this bitch

ron: you low down dirty woman
back to where you come from
chante: but baby wait
ron: but wait my ass
hit the streets
your ass is grass

r. kelly: now mr. biggs before your done
ron: wait how you my name son?
chante: honey wait, i was gonna tell you
ron: move this cat looks real familiar
(chante in the background) no no no no
ron: hmmm now don’t I know you from somewhere
a long time ago
r. kelly: no no , i don’t think so
ron: yea yea, i feel i know you, brother very well
r. kelly: no no, you mistaken me for somebody else
chante: frank...
ron: shut up, can’t you see two men are talking
chate: but...
ron: thought i told yo ass to get the walking
now i think ya’ll better leave this place
cause I’m about to catch a case
(chorus til end)

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