Текст песни Jane Siberry - The Taxi Ride

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it’s clear to me now
I understand
a jump of cards
in an idle man’s hand
ohhh...you’re sleeping
this is the story
of your leaving

I can win you with reason
I can make you agree
the way that I love you
it only makes sense
that you love me
but down through the sad facts I’m sifting
you did not think this
without help from me

I’ve called a taxi
it’s coming at dawn
I said send the best one
it’s a long, long, lonely ride
to find the perfect lover for your lover
and the morning light is breaking

I thought I heard someone screaming outside
but it was just a bus pulling away

love is a strange thing
it depends what one gives
and sometimes to give means
give someone away
ohhh ... you’re sleeping
the same sad pillow
said you’re leaving

I move with your breathing
I breathe with your beauty
your sweet heaviness
your deep voice your soft neck
I press my face
...did you call me?...
it’s only the trees outside flailing
it’s only the sirens that are wailing

hurry up driver
you’re going too slow
can’t you go faster
it’s a long, long, lonely ride
to find the perfect lover
for your lover
and the morning light is breaking

and then you realize you are alone
and your skin against the cold
metal of awareness you fall into
a deeper dreamless slumber and
a stranger enters the room and
is struck by the transparency of
your cheeks and then your arms
and hands and wonders at the
waxen figure and walks out again
the stranger walks out into the
street watching cars pass and
people cross and scenery change
he sees a palm frond thinks how
ugly - is surprised by the violence
of the thought looks again at it
feels nothing and walks on

a deep and dreamless slumber
where only the slow pulse
in the waxen temples keeps vigil
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