Текст песни Jesse Mccartney - Can't Let You Go

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My heart was jumpin' for her
My head was spinnin' in circles
My tongue was tied
I tried, but couldn't find the words
She had them eyes of fire
The ones you can't put out
She saw a sucker for lovin'
And turned my world around

Oh, I just can't let you go
My mind is not my own
And I can't eat, can't sleep
I'm in too deep
Oh, oh, whoa-oh-oh, I just can't let you go

Whoa, I just can't let you go
One look in my condition
I see you in my dreams
And every night I fight
To keep my sanity
She's like a roller coaster
And I'm afraid of heights
But still there's nothing to stop me
From getting off this ride


So many times I've tried
To get her out of my life
But she knows I'm addicted
To the taste of her lips
My strength is drifting away
My body's aching with pain
I can't hold on
I can't hold on any longer

[Chorus X2]

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