Текст песни Juan Mendez - Peeping in My window

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Almost lost my house
I give a fuck bout paying rent (bum)
On a scale from one to ten
Ak Fifty Seven
Means I got ten on you niggas
Walking as I am
I cannot pretend on you niggas
Fuck all opposition
We brought an end to you niggas
Might hit super nova
Get some gas just to fill it
Nothing is forgiven
I shoulda been did it
Coulda but I was
And all my feelings was hidden
I swear I ain’t mad cause this beat
Right here is a given
I think I’m more surprised
No one else has yet to get it
Or am I more surprised
The one yet has yet to did it
I swear I’m not playing
No baby I’m not kidding
I’m never dropping dimes
No assist know Jason kidding
But if it is for real
Guess it’s time to get busy
I better feel the love
When I come to your city
Okay look Mira we taking over
Khaled been said it
Now the world on my shoulders
I need my head with neck just like
Head and shoulders
Cup too small think I need more drink
Devil got bucks devil look like me
One two one two
What about three?
They don’t
And you don’t
Know about me
Magic carpet floors
Air flows underneath
What is in my bottle
Could it be a genie
Wishing with some Jasmine
Could never be a has been
I’m right now
What’s happening?
Oh y’all still napping
She drooling
Here’s a napkin
Nobody wants to follow rules
Like Atkins
Find me on the atlas
No breaks
I can’t be average
What would I be without my crew tons
Like salad
I’m looking at you like I grew some
Cause I still have it
Peepin in my window
I ate all September
Still ride foreign
In the Winter
You know I ate
All summer time
You know I’m
Just a pimp
In my own mind
Been living a life crime
You know that crime
Got that pay
You know I’m from the H
You know I’m still Otw
You know I swing I swang
Even when I’m in S.A. (Gang)
I’m still pimpin pens
Women make my esssays
Not feeling Aunt Jemima
I think I need Nestle
Soon as you seen the title
I know you wanted to press play
So hol on dawg I lock and loaded
Now I’m finna spray
Before I make my way
I got some shit I gotta say
Cause I’ll forgive and forget
Once you fade away
Still get faded
Never jaded
Bitch get out my way
Nah I’m playing
We still Riding
Today ain’t yo day
Cause you got siblings
And ion like it
You’z a bitch
And I’m ain't
And Ima whoop yo ass
Most likely
Now tell me Nigga today
Out here in these woods
I swear I seen Meagan
She wasn’t looking good
Is anyone explaining
What is misunderstood?
I know I’m aggravating
You’re annoying on my hood
I oughta hit the breakers
You the taker and I would
Go under in a laker
Not a faker but I could
Put em in a coffin
Yeah I do it often
Beat you to a pulp
Then I drink you
Once you soften
I’m like you can’t raise a child in these environments
In order for us all to succeed must meet requirements
I don’t really believe in how you can see me silencing
2 cell phones
Still won’t call a bitch
I ain’t even want it
Still fucked on a bitch
Not saying I ain’t grateful
But these songs are really hateful
I don’t wanna savor
Cause your taste ain’t really tasteful
Recycling a lot but that don’t mean that you ain’t wasteful
Humbling myself before myself
Because he’s able
When I pulled up in parking lots
All I seen was a bunch of thots
These hoes boppin and suckin cock
Bird shit feathers chicken heads gone flock
My shit custom you know I’m stock
Hit H town fw Houstock
If they fronting or if they not
These hoes still on my dick a lot
I’m productive produce a lot
Rap game call me sir mix a lot
Never cooling I just stay hot
Fuck these bitches I’m bout my knots
They say I am who says I’m not
I say I can
Fwm you cannot
Sea side on my sea shit
Been a long rid
Now I'm Sea sick
How many eyes had to see this
Still a boss player
On my G shit
Who is what
Where do I be where
How to find mine
Why you need that
Water flowing
Where your knees at
Let my hands rub
Like believe that
Steadfast make em drip like honey
Not a junior but the second and you know I’m still coming, not junior but the second and I reckon get money
I’m in Texas 2 stepping just spreading the dressing
Told you that I got ten back to clean up the messes
All I really need is ten just to clean up the messes
Really all I need is 5 but doubles a blessing
Back to bring back the glory
So you know it’s a blessing
We don’t wanna see you stressed
We just know you impressive
Everything I do is bodied
Still leaving out extras
They just lining up the beats
I’m just lining up stretchers
The day I stop grinding leaves
I’ll be walking in Sketchers
If you put 2 and 2 together
Answer is always never
Is this how I get better
Studying every letter
I’ve studied all of you
I’m on you now more than ever
No trending I’m not a setter
They tryna set me up for the work
But I know better
Like fuxk it
Tuck it
Put em in a bucket
Liked it
Hate it
Loved it
Glad I made it
These niggas reaching
I’m teaching and grading
Everything recorded
And Scores updated
Water get you wet
Blow dryer for the saving
Haven’t surfaced yet
No wire can in case me
Starting up the bets
No higher I’m not lazy
Bitch don’t play me
I am not a kid trick
Suck off this gravy
I am not a kid bitch
Fuck off im crazy
Chillin in a city, there's a town
Feelin is appealing I'm around
The most high I'm just chillin underground
Tell me do they love you when you down?
Do you hear me have I finally found my sound
Standing at the top of the mound
I love it even better when it's round
I love it all the more pound for pound
I love it even more when it's brown
Feelin is appealin I'm around
Tell me do they love you when you down?
Feeling is appealing I'm around
Tell me do they love you when you down?
I'm saying hi right now
You like why right now
I have drank so little
Say goodbye my child
I never could really ever
Say goodbye by now
Outta pocket raising heat
Like I'm fried right now
Owe me you know me
Flannels on Mick Foley
Pillow cases to bed sheets
Need a gold chain wit a rolly
Cop the grill just for press on em
More strength than four men
That's word to George Foreman
Turned on em wrecked the foreign
Remember that it was pouring
Kush and juice was it orange
Way before cloud storage
It was just right like porridge
Waiting on my story
I was thinking bout Courtney
I might pull up on Cori
Added this to the story
I wrote this before you
Added this for the story
But I ain't worried bout them
You got me worried bout Kim
We can go and get some work in
We can work in the gym
I might not even put runs on this
Freak it so good Ima cum on this
Still ain't finished me
I'm on a run with this
I'm a wack rapper
Wack rapper fuck your bitxh
This the type of shit that I drop
And then dip
You the type to talk till
It's blood drip drip
I'm the type to walk
Up to her put it in her ribs
Hit yuh wind pipe
Now it’s me in yo ribs
Nigga try me
I'm whooping ass
You my kid
Make you go and tell
Yo bro's like look what dad did
You know who dad is
So you know the fact is
Character is who I am
I don't know what act is
Should I go more slow
Tell me where the act is
Satisfaction satisfaction
Harpoon shooting off
Y'all just ratatatin
Add a dab of mac in
And cheese I'm packing
Yeah they caught me lacking
Sleep is what attacked me
You furniture like Ashley's
That's for sure don't at me
And they still ain't at me
It be gravy cause they ladies
Still be steady at me
Line may be flattening
But mine ain't exactly
I'm just shitting on opps
I shoulda called this crappy
You can call this crappy
Say my hair is nappy
I grew the locks
Just for bars
& it's you I'm trapping
If the world revolves around
Then it's you I'm lapping
There's no picture here to see
Just the thoughts I'm mapping
Still thuggin on my deed
You see why she like me
And I ain't really being mean
Mean is really like me
And I know that sounds insane
But sane is where I lost me
I should probably savor this
Like break off that piece.
And I can't be at peace
Until I leave it nasty
I'm despicable
I know the principles
Oh and I see y'all real hard
But y'all nipples tho
I ain't even know wassup
We coulda kicked it tho
I know I told you I ain't approve
But you missed it tho
You still gifted tho
And I wrapped it so?
I called this fatality
Cause I finished bro
And they really call me water
I replenish hoes
I always seem to have money
But I'm really broke
But a Nigga always working
Y'all just really sold
I don't have no enemies
And not too many foes
You niggas right next to Mickey
Like where Minnie goes
I know a lot of real women
But these niggas hoes
Can't complain I'm still standing on ten toes
A lot of times I knew I had it
But didn't really know
I know I really know now
I forget sometimes
But they still remind
And idk who they is
But they still behind me
And everybody smoke weed
We just call it pining
Man I swear I been blew
Like I was land mining
Nigga never mind me
If I ain't really citing
Notice I ain't said ex
But she still here behind me
Dying most likely
Slowly if I time it
MTV you like next
Pimp my ride come find me
My light is sort of blinding
So the dark really confides me
Just a little of my past
Too much might make you like me
Do the right thing
Spike lee
Think they like me
White tee
Gucci mane so icy
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